Our Services

Using a different strategy to most search engine promotion companies  we take time to study your business in depth to ensure  we are able to establish which individual keywords and keyword phrases to use to promote your business efficiently, ie those that are the most searched online but the least used by your competitors.

Our policy is straightforward we don’t over complicate our services, you don’t need to worry about boolean modifiers, semi semantic analysis, algorithm shifts or packaged integrations, we just keep it simple and put in long hours relentlessly submitting your website and Company  details to the Search Engines

The same applies to our Reports - rather than churning out statistics which computer software programmes have created  that mean nothing to you, we give you easy to understand Reports. There is no computer software programme in existence that can analise content the way that a human being does.


How we can help promote your Website

First things first – Most importantly  your website should be in the best possible shape, you should have

  • High quality web pages
  • A good general design and structure
  • Have the correct use of meta tags, title tags, alt image tags, internal linking structures and site maps
  • Avoid use of duplicate content
  • Avoiding flash content
  • Correct any session ID problems etc. 

We can help by adjusting your website slightly or a complete update - advising and working with you to get the best possible results.

It is of paramount  importance  that your website contains value through content, this needs to be relevant and unique to your target audience.


Competitor and Industry Analysis – Online Market Research

We analyse your  website competitors and industry using keyword density reports, web ranking monitors, link tracking software and other specialist web tools that identify and detect  which sites, directories and listings they are included under. We then add your website to the same source to ensure you have equivelant status.   

Submitting your Website to Directories

There are hundreds of  Web Directories (ie yell.com, ufindus.com, kellysearch.co.uk etc ) which provide links to web sites listed under a wide variety of businesses.  Many of these directories accept websites for inclusion at no cost. We manually add your website, images and company details to these directories to obtain good one-way links for your site.

It is important to ensure your website is listed on those related to your \'specific business sector\', concentrating on your target areas be it local towns and cities or futher afield.

Local Search is particuarly important as it is a chance for smaller businesses to compete with larger brands in Google listings.

Identifing Keywords and Keyword analysis plus Keyword phrases

 Having a website listed within the first few pages of Google is far harder in 2012 than it was just a few years ago. At one time a high ranking was achievable in the Search Engines with hardly any effort at all, now this has changed.

The competition for certain singular keywords is fierce this is why it is important for us to delve into your business, study your website, research into the psychology of your targeted audience and test the hundreds of other keyword and keyword phrases that are unique to you. 

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