SEO Advice


Top Ten reasons for using SEO2WEB
  1. Free website Rank Report- Where is your website on Google ? 
  2. Analyse your competitors – We study them in depth.
  3. We submit your website to online Directories that relate to your business and  add your URL to all the major Search Engines on a regular basis                         
  4. Forward your Press Releases – we adjust them with the correct amount of keywords if necessary.
  5. Identify individual keywords – we look for the unusual - unique to you
  6. Find quality Links – we add informative links to boost your online credibility. 
  7. Include your business on Social Media Sites such as Twitter, You Tube etc.
  8. Forward you a regular comprehensive report
  9. Over the past 8 years we have built up a whole library of Search Engine Analysis Tools which we use on your website and your competitors websites
  10. We invest  time working with you to promote your business.
SEO Advice
  • Cut down your budget on other forms of advertising, everyone uses the Internet,  Have you noticed how thin your trade magazines are becoming.
  • Talk to your customers, ask them which ‘Search Terms’ they use
  • Push your Brand - Get your business online  using every possible means.
  • Be Aware -You will receive targeted traffic, customers contacting you who know your  relevant business capabilities and what they require from you.
  •  Local Area Targeting, if you are a Plumber you need to concentrate on Local Business you don’t need enquiries from the other end of the Country
  • Search engines are constantly changing the way they index and rank sites and their positioning methods – SEO is an ongoing task which needs to be carried out  professionally rather than experimented with.
  • Keep a record of where your customers heard about you                     


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